August 24, 2009

Rebel Lipstick

I bought Rebel lipstick from Mac a few weeks ago.  On Saturday night I actually wore it out in public, after two weeks of wandering around home in trackies and dark lips haha.

I LOVE IT!  I have never really worn dark lipstick before - only red for dress up parties and the like.  But I absolutely love this and am now looking into some other dark colours to try.  Sorry for the goofy angles of the photos - a friend took them for me!  My lips were actually a lot darker, and a bit more berry coloured than these photos show.  

Rebel lipstick is quite a bright pink, but paired with Vino lipliner = my new fave lips ever!  I can't believe how many complements I got on it - yay!  I had talked about it with my friend and we'd decided that men hate lipstick, but that definitely didn't seem to be the case! Woohoo!

In terms of clothes, I wore a black tube skirt, black tights, black chucks, a black and white tassle top (which you can kind of see in the photos - I love this, but it is high maintenance to wear because it can get a bit tangled) and a black blazer.  My hair was super messy waves, which is natural for me.  I used a bit of the Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texturising Wax to make it even knottier!

Here is what I wore on my face:
Foundation - Revlon Colorstay
Powder - Mac MSF Natural
Contour - Mac Blunt Blush
Bronzer - Mac MSF in Sunny by Nature

And my eyes:
Primer - Mac Paintpot in Soft Ochre
Shadows - Mac Era, Woodwinked, Soft Brown
Eyeliner - Revlon Colorstay Black eyeliner, with Mac Typographic eyeshadow to set
Mascara - Mac Plushlash

And lips:
I filled my lips in with Mac Vino lipliner, this is beautiful.  If you put it on quite heavily it really darkens up the lipstick, which is what I wanted.  
Then Mac Rebel lipstick over the top.  I was very worried about my lipstick wearing off, getting it on my teeth etc.  I blotted after applying the lipstick, and then applied again before we left the house and again throughout the night. Honestly the lipliner kept the colour from budging at all.  I wasn't even able to brand any men haha!  The next morning my lips were stained hot pink - this is how well it lasted.

Do you reckon I can wear this everyday?  I am tempted!  This has made me even more excited for the Style Black collection.


August 9, 2009

LUSH face masks

I worship these! If you haven't tried them you must! Plus they make for great photo taking opportunities haha.

Cosmetic Catastrophe: I got this one after a day where I had considered wearing a mask to uni! My skin was going crazy - I think it was a reaction to Mac Studio Sculpt foundation which I love the finish of but I think I am allergic to. I picked this one up on the reccomendation of the lady there, the name is pretty much self explanatory. This smells soo good and is a wicked purple colour as it contains blueberries. When you have it on, your skin looks like a dinosaur.

Unfortunately I don't think this one is particularly effective for me - although obviously it was up to a pretty big challenge. I also tried it over the next few weeks and its not my fave of the four, but not terrible either. All the face masks leave your skin feeling extremely smooth but other than that, meh. However it did a fantastic job of covering my gross skin so I kept it on all night! It's the best way I'm sure!

Love Lettuce: Just wanted to try something else I guess. I really need to stick to what works but it's a hard lesson to learn I guess. This one is a bit different to the others - it's designed to exfoliate as well. This is nice but seeing as I always use my St Ives scrub, its not really what I am looking for in a mask. I'm looking for the miracle worker that is going to make my skin clear and glowing, duh!

It's quite a strange texture and the exfoliation means that the technique is slightly different. Most of the other masks I just leave on until the literally begin to crumble and then wash off over the sink. This one says to only leave for about 5 minutes. I want it to actually do something so I usually leave it for longer but then to properly exfoliate with it, I have found it works best to jump in the shower, run the water over your face to soften it and then gently exfoliate until it's all washed off. Ta da! This does a good job at reducing oiliness but still not as good as my favourite one.

CUPCAKE: This one is amazing. My favourite. I don't know why I keep buying other ones, after I finish Love Lettuce I am gonna get this one and stick with it. It's brown, it looks gross, when I did it with a friend there were countless jokes from her family. And this one smells soooo good, like mint chocolate.

But wow. If you have oily skin, spotty skin, tired skin - anything - this is great. Using this can get me wearing a tinted moisturiser if that. My skin cleared up amazingly, I had nothing to hide. Please, try this. They aren't too expensive because one pot will do many more masks than they suggest. You don't need to cover your face extremely thickly, it just needs to be an opaque covering. Regardless, it's a low price to pay for something that really helps your skin.


August 5, 2009

The Nail Buff

I have more recently been getting into beauty blogs, I am somewhat beginning to enjoy these more than youtube videos!  For whatever reason, these seem to be more popular in the UK.  Two which I follow are Hele and Holly and recently they have both set up second blogs. 

Makeup Merchant is such a lovely and generous idea - you can purchase UK beauty products online!  I'll post my haul from there later on - Holly is such a sweet girl and I can't imagine the effort she is putting in to run that blog.

The Nail Buff is running a giveaway about your 3 favourite nailpolishes ever so here goes:

I admit I am a bit of a brand snob when it comes to nail polish - most of the colours I seem to buy are OPI.  We don't really have China Glaze or any of these other cool brands you guys have in the US and UK - but I make do! Ha ha.  I also find that OPI stays on pretty well - minimal chipping, I mostly end up taking it off because of tip wear.  I tend to buy only one or two colours at once and wear these for a season - sad I know!  

My 3 favourites of all time would have to be:

OPI: Heart Throb - this is a gorgeous soft barbie pink (not sure that I'm very good at describing colours but oh well), but it is VERY sheer.  I don't like being able to see my nail line through polish so to be honest it takes me about 4 thin coats to get a really opaque layer.  But I still love it - maybe I am being sucked in by the name!

OPI: Do You Lilac It? - I think every girl in the world is in a lavender phase at the moment and I admit I am of the crowd!  This colour is gorgeous - a little bit different and eye-catching but not too strange for a nail colour!

And the final one is 

Nfu-Oh: #51 - shock horror not an OPI!  This is the most amazing nail polish I have ever seen in my entire life, I can't imagine anything more stunning.  This polish is a sheer jelly-type formula with huge pieces of coloured glitter in it, honestly google for images and you will see what I mean.  It's quite hard to capture it in a photo, my photos are hardly up to scratch.  It has a purple base but the glitter flashes red, yellow, green and blue NO JOKE.  I usually wear it over a darker purple, navy or black to help build up the colour underneath, then just one or two coats of this. And how cute is the bottle!

Thanks Hele for this sweet giveaway.