August 24, 2009

Rebel Lipstick

I bought Rebel lipstick from Mac a few weeks ago.  On Saturday night I actually wore it out in public, after two weeks of wandering around home in trackies and dark lips haha.

I LOVE IT!  I have never really worn dark lipstick before - only red for dress up parties and the like.  But I absolutely love this and am now looking into some other dark colours to try.  Sorry for the goofy angles of the photos - a friend took them for me!  My lips were actually a lot darker, and a bit more berry coloured than these photos show.  

Rebel lipstick is quite a bright pink, but paired with Vino lipliner = my new fave lips ever!  I can't believe how many complements I got on it - yay!  I had talked about it with my friend and we'd decided that men hate lipstick, but that definitely didn't seem to be the case! Woohoo!

In terms of clothes, I wore a black tube skirt, black tights, black chucks, a black and white tassle top (which you can kind of see in the photos - I love this, but it is high maintenance to wear because it can get a bit tangled) and a black blazer.  My hair was super messy waves, which is natural for me.  I used a bit of the Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texturising Wax to make it even knottier!

Here is what I wore on my face:
Foundation - Revlon Colorstay
Powder - Mac MSF Natural
Contour - Mac Blunt Blush
Bronzer - Mac MSF in Sunny by Nature

And my eyes:
Primer - Mac Paintpot in Soft Ochre
Shadows - Mac Era, Woodwinked, Soft Brown
Eyeliner - Revlon Colorstay Black eyeliner, with Mac Typographic eyeshadow to set
Mascara - Mac Plushlash

And lips:
I filled my lips in with Mac Vino lipliner, this is beautiful.  If you put it on quite heavily it really darkens up the lipstick, which is what I wanted.  
Then Mac Rebel lipstick over the top.  I was very worried about my lipstick wearing off, getting it on my teeth etc.  I blotted after applying the lipstick, and then applied again before we left the house and again throughout the night. Honestly the lipliner kept the colour from budging at all.  I wasn't even able to brand any men haha!  The next morning my lips were stained hot pink - this is how well it lasted.

Do you reckon I can wear this everyday?  I am tempted!  This has made me even more excited for the Style Black collection.



  1. I love the lips! Very sexy and vampy!

  2. I love the red lips! Your hair looks great too...I really love the messy/wavy look with lots of volume.

  3. Thanks guys, I was so nervous to wear it out! Now I want I guess it totally changes your look in a minute! And I think I might do a haircare post.