October 29, 2009

All nighters

I'm at uni for the second overnighter in a row ... hurting here! I've given up on my assignment, now I'm going for the power finish! Anyway, naturally I need to do the important things first, like update my blog! Yayyyah! Sorry if this post does not make any sense ... I'm sleep deprived.

Anyway, got my photos printed this morning for my photography assignment so I thought I would post the 4 that I picked for my finals. If you guys don't wanna see these sort of posts please tell me!

Click for bigger versions!

Anyway, thanks to all my lovely subscribers - people actually wanna read the smack I have to say? WOW. Every time I get a comment it fully makes my day brighter.


October 24, 2009


Oops I did it again - spent more than I should have. I feel a bit sick about this because it's labour weekend and no doubt going to be a big one - I am gonna be flat broke by Tuesday!

Anyway I went yesterday and got a few things...didn't really need any of them but HEY! That's how we do right? I got Brule eyeshadow, V Greasepaint stick (the purple one) and Feline eye kohl. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to post pics of these, I'm sure you have all seen them, and it was a hard night last night!

Brule is lovely, I need more neutrals like this! Good for highlighting or an all over wash colour - as I wore it last night.

I haven't tried out the Greasepaint stick yet but it looks gorgeous on my hand - a sparkly royal purple!

Feline eye kohl - Amazing! I love this. I have no problems with panda eyes, they show that it was a mean night out! I wore this last night to line right around my eyes, I reckon it looked pretty mean. It's super soft and pigmented, I set it with eyeshadow and didn't notice any problems with smudging.

The weather today is stunning, the sky is the brightest blue and I can't see a single cloud! This is the view from my deck right this minute. So sunbathing is the perfect way to get through my hangover I think. Had such a fun night last night with one of my uni friends, we went to a pub/bar and what started off as a classy night ended up full of drunken dancing, awesome dj's wearing bow ties, and far too old men! My bad!

I'm trying out some new skincare products from Lush so hopefully can put up a review of that in the next week - just want to make full sure what it is doing to my skin before I broadcast. Sorry for not posting very much lately, no excuse really - I'm a lazy shit?


PS. I tried out Kandee's Michael Jackson tutorial yesterday, dunno if I have the guts to post pics, I look ridiculous.

October 18, 2009

The 90's

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am in the last 3 weeks of uni for the year, 5 assignments still to go. I hardly have time to sleep. Just thought I would post up another photo from the studio shoot the other day, one of my friends was doing a 90's themed shoot so after we had finished we decided to get all dressed up in the goofy clothes and take some fun pictures of ourselves.

I like this one:

I can't wait for the holidays, I feel exhausted. That might be something to do with the fact I had a massive night out last night though. Ha!

By the way, I didn't end up buying anything from Style Black! I was looking forward to it for ages and then all the excitement seems to have seeped away. I'm not sure why. I did get a few things from Lush though which I am trying out and will review soon!


October 8, 2009


I spent last night in the black studio shooting for photography. We were there very late as we did 3 seperate shoots, I have only had a couple of hours sleep. But it was so much fun, I just wanted to show you guys a sneak peek of what we were doing! After editing I will post up more photos but here is one that I took:

I am messing with self portraiture at the moment, so I was using the self timer and continuous shooting to get these images. This is the first time I have ever used a studio or even done any sort of photography! I am by no means a photographer or a model haha! It took us 2 hours to figure out how to set up the lights properly!


October 5, 2009

Awwww me?

Wow I can't believe someone linked to me for a blog award. People actually read and like my blog? Cool!
Sophie is another blogger from New Zealand, I love reading her updates because she has the same shops, makeup and weather to me! She is gorgeous and very sweet!

As part of the award I have to list 10 little known facts about myself, eeek.
Here goes:

1. I never thought I would study a creative subject at university until my last year at school - I wasn't a very arty child! Now I can't imagine doing anything else.

2. I have a gorgeous little sister with fiery red hair - I missed out on that one but my dad does too!

3. I hate confrontation and fighting, I avoid this at all costs.

4. I hate spending Saturday nights at home, I have been out drinking wayyy too many times considering the short time I have been legal. I partied all through my last year of high school and most of first year uni. Now the hard work is kicking in...

5. I seem to be allergic to dairy products...which is very upsetting because blue cheese is my favourite food in the whole world.

6. Greek yoghurt from Greece is my second favourite food in the world - it's so thick its like sour cream, when you scoop it it stays in the same shape. I had this in Greece when I was 16 and will never forget it - all I wanna do is get back to Greece to have more more more! Screw you, non-dairy diet!

7. I get super excited every time I get a new comment from you guys - it makes my day!

8. I could have a lot more $$ in my savings account if I didn't spend it all on makeup! My mother would be appalled.

9. Even though I live in the city, I have chickens in my backyard. Fresh eggs all the time is so worth it, although I am terrified of chickens.

10. I have only told one person about this blog, and I was drunk. And I wonder if she ever reads it. Heehee.

And also choose some other blogs that I love for this award:

Nail Juice - Steph mostly does nail swatches, and occasional makeup posts but I have been reading her blog for sooo long and she is a Kiwi too! Yayyy.

Big Hair Bigger Lashes - Tiff does amazing eye makeup and I love seeing her posts. She is stunning! I also enjoy her easy-to-follow youtube tutorials.

The Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog - Another blog I have been reading for ages. Holly is such a sweet girl and I blame her for my addiction to St Moriz because she sent some over for me. Seriously, thanks so much!

All Things Beautiful - I just discovered this blog through a link, and am really enjoying it. I'm lying here reading through it now, even though I have a billion assignments to do. And she is having a really nice blog giveaway at the moment - check it out!

Now I'm off to try and do some more uni work! I'm the worst procrastinator ever.