October 29, 2009

All nighters

I'm at uni for the second overnighter in a row ... hurting here! I've given up on my assignment, now I'm going for the power finish! Anyway, naturally I need to do the important things first, like update my blog! Yayyyah! Sorry if this post does not make any sense ... I'm sleep deprived.

Anyway, got my photos printed this morning for my photography assignment so I thought I would post the 4 that I picked for my finals. If you guys don't wanna see these sort of posts please tell me!

Click for bigger versions!

Anyway, thanks to all my lovely subscribers - people actually wanna read the smack I have to say? WOW. Every time I get a comment it fully makes my day brighter.



  1. *handshake* congrats for making it thru the night...dedication! I like your shots, especially the second and fourth. That second image is really powerful.

  2. Melissa these photos are beautiful. The simplicity and the composition of the last photo makes it my favourite. I definitely want more of these posts!!

    I hope you get some sleep soon :)

  3. Thanks guys, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now...ahhh.

  4. The third photo is my favourite, with the pop of colour from the gloves.