October 24, 2009


Oops I did it again - spent more than I should have. I feel a bit sick about this because it's labour weekend and no doubt going to be a big one - I am gonna be flat broke by Tuesday!

Anyway I went yesterday and got a few things...didn't really need any of them but HEY! That's how we do right? I got Brule eyeshadow, V Greasepaint stick (the purple one) and Feline eye kohl. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to post pics of these, I'm sure you have all seen them, and it was a hard night last night!

Brule is lovely, I need more neutrals like this! Good for highlighting or an all over wash colour - as I wore it last night.

I haven't tried out the Greasepaint stick yet but it looks gorgeous on my hand - a sparkly royal purple!

Feline eye kohl - Amazing! I love this. I have no problems with panda eyes, they show that it was a mean night out! I wore this last night to line right around my eyes, I reckon it looked pretty mean. It's super soft and pigmented, I set it with eyeshadow and didn't notice any problems with smudging.

The weather today is stunning, the sky is the brightest blue and I can't see a single cloud! This is the view from my deck right this minute. So sunbathing is the perfect way to get through my hangover I think. Had such a fun night last night with one of my uni friends, we went to a pub/bar and what started off as a classy night ended up full of drunken dancing, awesome dj's wearing bow ties, and far too old men! My bad!

I'm trying out some new skincare products from Lush so hopefully can put up a review of that in the next week - just want to make full sure what it is doing to my skin before I broadcast. Sorry for not posting very much lately, no excuse really - I'm a lazy shit?


PS. I tried out Kandee's Michael Jackson tutorial yesterday, dunno if I have the guts to post pics, I look ridiculous.


  1. That is a beautiful pic! I love brule, and I've been wanting to get feline kohl, but I feel the reviews are so mixed that I'm scared. :)

  2. I've bene wanting brule for ages, I need to bump it up to the top of my wishlist! love the GPS, it's my new fave ♥

  3. Yay you have Style Black in your life :)


  4. I'm considering feline - Lollipo26 has made me want it.

    Lovely blog - I only just stumbled across it today. The name caught my eye as I don't often find other kiwi's on here. Yay for us :)


  5. @Everyone: Thanks for all the comments guys, I love reading them! I am flat out with uni this week arghhh but am loving Feline, worn it everyday!