November 27, 2009

It had been a while since I bought some Mac, naturally, I went a tad overboard! Some of it is for Mum for Christmas though, I swear.

I've had my eyes on those brushes for a while - the 239, 266 and another (!) 217. (Yes they are dirty, I couldn't resist!) Now I can finally get into that fluidline that has been sitting in my draw forever. I'm gonna have to get used to using the 239 to apply eyeshadow, as I have been relying on my 217 to do everything previously, hence why I bought another. Plus I thought I would try it out for concealer. I'm slowly building up my Mac brush collection, but they are very expensive in New Zealand. Hopefully next will be some more face brushes.

I also got a couple more eyeshadows for myself - Satin Taupe and Shale. Satin Taupe seems to be one of the most talked about shadows! Thought it was about time I added it to my pile, and Shale is a gorgeous Satin colour, perfect for some colour during the day. I wore it last night and again today, I love having new shadows.

Satin Taupe

I got my Mum a paint pot (Soft Ochre) and a couple of eyeshadows as part of her christmas present. She loves getting me to do her makeup before a hot date haha! So I thought I would treat her to a few nice colours, instead of the normal bits and pieces she seems to have. OK ok I admit it, I originally got Shale for her but decided to keep it for myself. Bad daughter! I swear Mums have the oddest collections of makeup, it concerns me slightly...


Now I better go earn some money to pay for this! Holidays sound sweeter than they actually are.

By the way, on my nails is OPI Do You Lilac It? This was one of my favourite shades for ages, but then I couldn't get the lid off. Disaster struck. Somehow on Wednesday I managed to get it off after running the lid under hot water for a while.